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Healthcare Worker Appreciation and Discounts

While much of the world continues to work from home, doing so indefinitely, there are the front-line workers who do not have that luxury. Employees in the service industry, servers at restaurants, the clerk at the grocery store, and especially our healthcare professionals continually put themselves at risk every day. 

Covid-19 has reshaped this country and while many of us are still struggling to adjust to the new landscape, many others are still reporting in person for work each day. In honor of these front line workers such as doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals many companies are currently offering great discounts as a small way of showing their appreciation for the tremendous debt the majority of us owe to these brave individuals and their families. Below are some of the more notable brands offering discounts to nurses, verified healthcare professionals, and other frontline workers:


Adidas, Carhartt, Nike:

 These are just a few of the notable clothing manufacturers who are offering discounts for first responders and other verified medical professionals. 

Ulta logo

Ulta Beauty: 

Beauty and skincare products delivered to frontline workers at a great discount. 

Cumberland Farms logo

Cumberland Farms:

 They are offering one free cup of coffee, any size, for healthcare workers, per visit. 

Purple mattress logo

Purple Mattresses:

Currently offering 10% off for healthcare professionals. 

These are just a few of the incredible discounts offered for healthcare professionals and other frontline workers. While there are some genuinely great discounts being offered currently by these and so many more companies it is just a small token of the appreciation we collectively feel for these frontline heroes. 

As a society we depend on medical professionals to keep us safe, especially in these difficult times, and they have met that challenge head on. Click the links above to find out how to take advantage of these great deals.