A Unified View

According to data collected by The Marshall Project and the Associated Press, one in five state and federal inmates has tested positive for coronavirus—that’s four times the infection rate of the US general population.1 Not only are those numbers alarming, but inmates also suffer disproportionate rates of mental illness, substance use disorder, and chronic illness compared to the general population. Many do not have health insurance, nor do they receive adequate healthcare. The need for effective and efficient correctional healthcare services—with a whole-health, mind-body approach—is a public health issue. Additionally, how inmates reintegrate back to the general population must be seamless so proper transitions of care can take place.

Improve Care in Corrections

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EHR Replacement

Whether looking to buy your first EHR, seeking to replace your existing EHR, or consolidating EHRs to a single, integrated solution, this guide will help you in the process. Use these ten steps to help your correctional facility find the best EHR for your billing, reporting, and patient care needs.