Leveraging Data for Impact on Recidivism in Correctional Settings


Correctional systems everywhere face the challenge of reducing recidivism in the population to improve outcomes for criminal justice, enhance our communities, and reduce costs to society. Recidivism has been very difficult to define, and data collection and analysis around this issue has been challenging. Successful re-entry into the community involves the partnership of many organizations and individuals in support of people emerging from the criminal justice system, and analysis and understanding of all these factors and
players is a complex task, so improvements can be seen in recidivism in the population.

The Rational Re-Entry program in Calvert County, Maryland, is an example of an exciting opportunity where data analytics are beginning to provide the ability to learn more about recidivism, provide efficiency for development and case management staff, and open new avenues for collaboration with community partners in the hope of enriching outcomes for the community.

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