In spite of the careful matching of patient to patient chart that is usually done in a clinic, occasionally a mistake will be made and information for one patient will be entered into another patient’s chart. Typically, it’s due to identical or very similar names, birthdates, gender, and/or race. In some cases, it’s due to being rushed or sidetracked by an interruption, and then inadvertently charting on an already open patient record, rather than searching for the new patient. Sometimes, even a patient merge can be done in error.

The error is usually quickly realized by the user. Until now, however, there has been no recourse other than to add a document calling attention to the problem, and then documenting the information all over again in the correct patient’s chart. With Medicalistics’ eZ-Unmerge utility, you would report the problem to your supervisor, including information as to the affected patient’s name, patient ID, and encounter (date and time) and the patient name and patient ID of the correct patient. They will confirm the problem with you and pass the information along to the person in your organization responsible for performing the “unmerge”. Typically, an organization will establish a written policy and procedure for reference and guidance.


  • Available for NextGen versions 5.x.
  • Accessibility controlled through NextGen Security Admin.
  • Required entry of person authorizing unmerge (pick list customizable by client).
  • Client customizable reason for unmerge.
  • Ability to search for patients by:
    • NextGen Person Number, Medical Record Number, or Other Id Number (Inmate ID).
    • Any combination of Name, DOB, Gender and Race.
    • SSN.
  • Ability to select unmerge date(s) and/or date range from list of encounters.
  • Ability to display NextGen history tree adjacent to Unmerge Utility list of encounters.
  • Ability to add comments.
  • Feedback on status of unmerge provided immediately on the unmerge screen.
  • List of unmerges performed today by current user are shown as unmerges are completed.
  • Ability to report on what merges were done by:
    • Date range (defaults to today).
    • Specific patient or all patients (defaults to all).
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