eZ- Task Overview

Your staff will typically stay on top of tasks that are assigned to them or their group. Sometimes, however, tasks may slip through the crack. Maybe someone accepted a task and was out ill before the task was completed. Maybe tasks were assigned to someone who is on vacation. Whatever the reason, you need a quick and easy way to view the status of all outstanding tasks, so you can take action as necessary. eZ-Task Overview provides you this visibility!


  • Available for NextGen versions 5.x.
  • Accessibility controlled through NextGen Security Admin.
  • Single screen for checking on all tasks.
  • Independent of patient visits.
  • Tasks can be viewed by one location or all locations.
  • Tasks can be viewed by tasking group or individual.
  • Tasks can be viewed for one date or a date range.
  • Tasks are shown that are:
    • Not accepted
    • Accepted, but not completed.
  • A hard copy of the results can be generated from the screen.
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