eZ- Report Suite

Frequently, you are left to yourself to come up with reports that help you supervise your staff and assure that healthcare is timely and effective. Well Medicalistics recognizes this need and has drawn on the expertise of our clients and organizations like the NCCHC to provide eZ-Report Suite, a suite of reports that address typical needs. We continue to add other reports to this suite, as we learn of new needs from our clients.


  • Available for NextGen versions 5.x.
  • Accessibility controlled through NextGen Security Admin.
  • Single screen for generating all reports.
  • Independent of patient visits.
  • 30 day reports that address:
    • List of all new intakes with the date and time of arrival, date and time of intake screening, date and time of intake physical.
    • List of sick call requests, showing the interval between logging an inmate’s sick call request and the actual performance of the visit; number of requests that did not result in a visit, reason (ex. no show, court, etc) and outcome (ex. rescheduled, inmate release date, etc).
    • List of consult requests showing the interval between the request and consult performance, including when consult report was received and when it was reviewed by the ordering physician.
    • List of inmates for whom the doctor ordered a blood test in the past 30 days, showing whether the test was done, postponed, or missed and the reason, as appropriate.
  • Reports that address:
    • List of all chronic patients, sorted by illness; grouping patients having two or more chronic illnesses (ex. diabetes and hypertension, etc), showing the desired frequency of visits and the dates on which the visit occurred.
    • List all inmates showing the date of last PPD and date read with result in mm induration.
    • List of all inmates showing the date of their last annual physical and the date on which it should have been performed.
    • List of inmates with HbA1c of 10% or higher, TSH of zero, high HIV viral loads, high bilirubin, or other selected tests with high values.
    • List of inmates who had chest x-rays ordered in the past 3 months, when it was taken, and whether it was termed “abnormal” by the radiologist.
    • List of inmates who filed a grievance about medical issues in the past 3 months, with whether it had been responded to within the required timeframe and whether denied or granted.
    • List of inmates due for specified procedures (ex. mammogram, PAP smear, etc) the last 3 months, date due, date performed, and results.
  • Report showing usage of the EHR system (who, when, what doing, for how long).
  • Report showing overrides of alerts.
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