eZ-Lab Collection

NextGen has powerful features for ordering labs on individual patients and performing a lab draw, if required, at the time of a patient visit. However, sometimes you need to to draw labs on several people in a specified amount of time. A typical example might be in a correctional facility, where perhaps 30 lab draws must be done within an hour. In the out-of-the-box NextGen system, you would have to open each patient’s record to record the lab draw.

It would be helpful to have one screen, independent of the patient visits, where you could document all the collections and have the system link the collections to the individual patient’s chart for you. That’s what Medicalistics’ eZ-Lab Collection does for you!


  • Available for NextGen versions 5.x.
  • Accessibility controlled through NextGen Security Admin.
  • Single screen for documenting multiple lab draws.
  • Independent of patient visits.
  • Orders can be selected for a single date or a date range.
  • Orders can be selected for a specific location.
  • Previous no shows can be included in current list to be drawn.
  • Lab requisitions and labels can be printed from the same screen.
  • No shows and refusals can be documented.
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