About Us

Medicalistics has been instrumental in the successful adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHR) within some of the country’s largest correctional facilities, jails, and private sector clinics. We are partner with our Clients to achive measurable Retun on Investment; we help our clients to drive process and deliverables through out their project.

We are a consulting firm that is:

  • Recognized by NextGen as an authorized correctional healthcare solutions partner
  • Partner with NextGen to develop content for several Knowledge Base Modules (KBM)
  • Recognized by NextGen has having some of the best and longest tenured implementation experts in the industry.
  • Our success has led to several partner relationships within the Public Healthcare Sector
  • Our knowledge of public health (with emphasis on corrections) and private sector clinics has led to the development of our eZsuite products focused on enhancing your business:
    • eZmar – electronic medication administration record that helps correctional facilities administer medication records easily
    • eZunmerge – developed to unmerge information put into wrong patient chart.
    • eZreports Suite – Developed list of preconfigured reports with assistance of NCCHC and client input.
    • eZlabs collection – created to help clinics or facilities that must do multiple lap draws in abbreviated time frame.
    • eZtask – Quick and easy way to view the status of all outstanding tasks, so you can take action as necessary.
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